Romulus Audiobook: The Origins of Rome | Adapted from Jacob Abbott – Makers of History


This audiobook is a contemporary retelling of Jacob Abbott’s classic work from his ‘Makers of History – Romulus’, originally published in 1852. We have meticulously transformed the language into a modern, simplified version to enhance understandability and listening pleasure, ensuring that the captivating narrative of Rome’s legendary founder resonates with today’s audience.

In this audiobook, journey through the ancient world of mythology and history, as we explore the life and adventures of Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome. From his dramatic origins to the establishment of one of history’s greatest empires, this story is a blend of myth, legend, and historical tidbits, making it a compelling listen for enthusiasts of history and mythology alike.

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Dive into the epic tale of Romulus, brought to life in today’s language, and experience a piece of history like never before!

Introduction: 00:00
1. Cadmus and the Alphabetic Legacy: 02:27
2. The Invention of Writing: 21:11
3. Troy’s Last Hero: Æneas’s Tale: 36:46
4. Troy’s Twilight: The Hidden Warriors: 49:17
5. Æneas: Escape from the Ashes: 01:05:35
6. From Troy to Latium: Æneas’s Epic: 01:31:47
7. The Nun Who Mothered Rome: Rhea Silvia: 01:52:57
8. Romulus & Remus: The Twin Founders: 02:17:31
9. Rome’s Beginnings: The Romulus Era: 02:39:17
10. Rome Takes Shape: A New Order: 03:02:12
11. Stolen Brides: How Romulus Expanded Rome: 03:25:31
12. Rome’s Fight for Dominion: The Sabine Siege: 03:46:39
13. The First Brutus of Rome: Romulus Leaves the Game: 04:11:19
Outro: 04:25:11

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Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:
Chapter 11:
Chapter 12:
Chapter 13(Finale):

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Romulus Audiobook: Chapter 1 – Romulus' Roots: A Prelude to Rome's Tale | Makers of History Series